We are proud to announce you the introduction of 2 new types of online customer courses:

1. Online training regarding theoretical aspects;
2. Technical training at the customer’s site to deal with practical topics such as validation, calibration, maintenance and operation of our machines.

Online trainings were created to cope with Covid restrictions. The customer will have access to an area on our website that is totally customized for them, where we will show video presentations, PDF presentations (downloadable) and useful documents (downloadable), relating to the selected topics.
Find the list of topics available in the attached file. In case the customer needs some specific topic, we can create it for him.

One of the great advantages of online trainings is that the customer can train all the people they want even if they are smart working. To participate in the training all you need is a PC, tablet or mobile phone and an internet connection.

Contact us for any questions or requests that you might have.

Since the Interpack 2020 does not take place as planned, we at groninger planned our virtual Interpack participation. To be able to show your customers some of groninger’s latest equipment and developments, we created our digital booth for you to show customers.

Have a look at what groninger wanted to share with them at the Interpack: https://processsolutions.groninger.de

We wish you all the best during these troubled times and hope that this will help us to stay in touch.

We are pleased to share with you a successful work done involving the design and deliver of a complete cost-effective solution for washing and sterilizing animal cages with full backup of all process equipment. The biggest challenge was to use the equipment process chambers as chemical decontamination pass-through. Read here for more information about Fedegari’s case study with Mario Negri Institute for pharmacological research.

Fedegari Case study PDF

Please find here below Fedegari’s presentation on how the company is becoming The one-stop solution provider.
Fedegari presentation pptx

Fedegari is proud to collaborate with PDA Europe hosting the second edition of the training course

Three days fully dedicated to every sterilization aspect, from basic principles to validation activities. Not only theoretical sessions, but also hands-on training with process machines for increasing your practical knowledge. Participants will be able to discuss real-life problems while using Fedegari equipment to apply their new knowledge and capabilities. At the end, attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges with experts in sterilization and contamination control.
Read more here

Fedegari is proud to collaborate with PDA Europe hosting the hands-on training course “Understanding Sterilization” on 26-28 th February, 2019.
The course will be held at Fedegari’s Tech Center, where participants will be able to discuss real-life problems while using Fedegari equipment to apply their new knowledge and capabilities.

Please find more details here or contact us for further information: https://www.fedegari.com/en/pda-2019-understanding-sterilization/

You can download the training’s brochure here.

You can read about Fedegari’s latest news, events and technical developments by visiting the following website: http://www.fedegari.com/news

We are glad to share with you our new WASHING SOLUTIONS BROCHURE! Click here


Kaye introduces the new Kaye Log –80 Vaccine Temperature Logger suitable for ultra-cold transportation monitoring of vaccines with external probe allowing the precise recording and monitoring of products that are using Dry Ice pellets for Cold Chain shipment and storage.
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We are happy to announce that Kaye has recently made a change on the AVS Validator. In fact, the new ones will no longer be supplied with the console produced by Motion, but with the new one produced by Dell (the same that is used for the Valprpobe RT).

You can find the new datasheet here below: Read more

It is a pleasure for us to inform you that Kaye Valprobe RT (real time) wireless thermal validation system, was official released end of last month. Check the following datasheet for more information and contact us for any questions you might have.
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Kaye DIGI and KL Service and Repair Discontinuation Note
Dear valued customer,
Several years ago, we announced obsolescence of Kaye DIGI and KL System.

With this notice, we are formally announcing that by end of August 2019 we will now also discontinue Service and Repair for DIGI and KL equipment.
Calibration of these devices will still be performed!

Please contact us or your local Kaye Representative to discuss the impact and possible solutions to replacing your older systems, as well as your other requirements for validation or monitoring.
With the development of the Kaye Validator AVS we took the Validation technology to new levels and expanded the functionality to a new flexible approach to Validation.

We look forward to working with you on the transition to the new design. Our commercial teams are providing flexible solutions for any customized requirements for users.

Maximize Calibration Accuracy
Minimize Measurement Uncertainty!

With a range from -196°C to 420°C and an accuracy of +/- 0,025°C the Kaye IRTD is one of the most accurate Industrial Temperature Standards available in the market.

It is the perfect reference for calibration in your metrology lab; to be used with any Kaye Validation system – or even as your “golden” inhouse Temperature Standard.

Get a second Kaye IRTD as back-up and in-house Reference!

Find out more !

Follow Kaye’s latest news regarding validation technologies and services! For further information click on the link below: http://www.amphenol-sensors.com/en/news-and-press
Press release: Click here

Have you seen Kaye’s new website ?
Please take a couple of minutes to check it out!


Fresh – Clean – Quick
Kaye introduces new LTR-150 Dry Block and Liquid Bath All-in-One Temperature Calibrator from -30°C to 150°C
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Tired of online meetings and webinars?
Come to our real SPECTRA Worldtour live and near your place – no need to travel far!
Watch the event trailer:
Thursday, June 17: SKAN HQ, Basel, Switzerland
Thursday, June 24: Paris, France
Thursday, July 8: Munich, Germany …and many more

Our highlights:
We bring a real isolator near your place and we meet in unusual locations to give you an outstanding experience. Exclusive insights into the latest sterility testing topics, touch and test the new Wireless Glove Tester or try our new Virtual Reality Training…
Spaces are very limited, and a COVID-19 safety concept is in place.
So, get your ticket fast and save your place:
We are looking forward seeing you in reality!

We are proud to invite you to the first SKAN AG Service Conference (09 – 10.10.2019 in Basel). We will present you our service offers, along with real customer experiences, presentations about ways to extend your return on investment, valuable hands-on workshops and learnings, factory tour and on top a superb networking opportunity with access to our experts all set in a nostalgic technical surrounding in a vibrant city.

Please refer to the following link for further information:

For the latest news please visit Skan’s website: https://www.skan.ch/en/news-media


Visit the following link for all information regarding trade fairs, professional events and e-news: http://www.groninger.de/en/company/news.html

Please find here a short presentation of groninger’s solutions for the CHC/OTC business.
Groninger presentation PDF

For any further questions/requests do not hesitate to contact us!

Please find here groninger’s latest company presentation.
Groninger company presentation PDF