FedegariFedegari Autoclavi SpA is the holding company of an Italian industrial group manufacturing customized machines, plants and the relevant components for the bio-/pharmaceutical and food industry worldwide.

The know-how of the group lies in the field of sterile and clean processes and encompasses different technologies and products. Fedegari Autoclavi SpA was created by the will of brothers Giampiero and Fortunato Fedegari in the early Fifties in Pavia, Italy, as a small handicraft business dedicated to the manufacture of miscellaneous sheet metal products. It then developed into the production of sterilizers, progressively specializing in the design of these machines for applications in the pharmaceutical field.

Starting from the early Nineties, Fedegari diversified its production also in the field of processes with supercritical fluids (predominantly CO2), designing and building systems and machines intended mainly for extraction processes (highly customized plants operating at pressures of 200-500 bar) and cleaning units (standard machines operating at pressures of 50-70 bar). Today, Fedegari is an industrial group controlling 6 companies worldwide employing approx. 300 people.

SkanSKAN, founded in 1968, is one of the pioneer companies in the field of cleanroom equipment and isolator design for the global pharmaceutical industry. Innovative products, customer-specific solutions and an efficient service organisation have led SKAN to become a global market leader and important partner for industry and research laboratories.

GRONINGER is a successful, experienced and dynamic company with around 980 employees worldwide, focused on specialized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

With exceptional know-how we plan and manufacture special machines like filling and closing machines, processing syringes, sterilization tunnels, labeling machines for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products like syringes, vials, bottles, eye drops, nasal sprays, fragrances, hair and skin care.

GE - Kaye

In 2013 Kaye became member of the Amphenol Corporation group. Since its establishment, Kaye has focused on the development of process measurement systems and has developed an outstanding reputation as a supplier of high-precision instruments for industrial applications. Since more than 30 years, KAYE has been designing and manufacturing systems dedicated to thermal validation processes and monitoring equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industry.

Today, there are more than 30,000 KAYE- systems is use around the world. The computer based systems are made to suit each customer’s requirements to improve and validate their processes.