Árthron Ltd. was established in 1999. Our company deals mainly with sterile technology, bringing together leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to support sterile pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics manufacturing processes.

We have an exclusive right to represent the following companies in the Hungarian market:

  • Fedegari
  • groninger
  • SKAN
  • Kaye

Based on these excellent partnerships, our customers are the largest companies in this sector, such as:

  • TEVA
  • GSK
  • EGIS

Our activities include on-site installation, validation, servicing, and spare part supply. We provide a wide range of commercial and technical support to ensure that clients are compliant with all prevailing regulatory requirements. Our service is based on a significant market experience and a continuous relationship with both domestic and foreign market participants.
Our ISO 9001 certificate guarantees a constant product and service quality level.